Offutt Air Force Base Address
Offutt AFB NE, 68113

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Offutt AFB


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Offutt AFB

Offutt Air Force Base was named after World War I aviator, Jarvis Offutt, this Air Force Base of the U.S.A. is located in Sarpy County, Nebraska, and it is home to the 55th Wing. Historically-speaking, the base had an outstanding performance as it was the place where the first two atomic bombardiers were constructed and the HQ for aerial command during the Cold War of the ‘70s and '80s. Today’s mission of Offutt is to prepare and train airmen for battle space and follow-on success strategies. The base is commanded by Brigadier General James J. Jones.

The base's logo is somewhat abstract, as it is two-colored and provides a more symbolic meaning of power and strength. One of the most outstanding aircraft found at the base is the RC-135 "River Joint". Another interesting aircraft is the E-4B.

The base has a total number of 8,901 people, spread on 11.3 km2 of land. The housing facilities of the base are not so very good, considering the fact that Offutt is fully booked in terms of accommodation. Also, the elementary schools are difficult to attend as the personnel is part-time teachers and part-time military troops. However, there is a solution for this, attending schools in Richland, La Vista or Springfield. The number of attractions near the base is also small, but troops at the base can always go for pastime activities on the base, such as crafting or practicing sports.

Offutt has not received any press lately, as it is working on a series of secret training missions to experiment new ways of teaching new recruits.